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Pure Argan Oil 30ml

100% Pure Argan Oil

A miracle for your skin, hairs and nails !

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The Pure Argan Oil from Ordaya is more than a simple Vegetal Oil, it's a real treasure that the nature gave us !

Our oil is extracted (cold-press extraction) from the kernels of Argana Spinosa trees in the South of Morocco. This region is the cradle of Argan trees and the biotype of those trees can't be found anywhere else in the world. The soil and its nutrients, the altitude and the particular sunlight of South Morroco are the necessary elements for the healthy growth of those Argan trees.  By its nature, the Argana Spinosa tree cannot be grown with the help of fertilizers and other strong chemicals, a characteristic that makes this Argan Oil a naturally organic product.

Extremely rich in Vitamin E, the Argan Oil will help you to restore the youthfulness of your skin. Its wound healing, moisturizing, softening, relaxing, soothing and nourishing properties will contribute to treating most common skin problems such as dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, small scares and acne.
It will also restore luster, shine and softness to hair thanks to its nourishing properties and by protecting your hairs from daily outside aggression. It will also nourish your nails and give it the necessary elements to prevent breakage and unhealthy conditions. 

The Ordaya Cosmetics Argan Oil Bottle has been specially designed to keep Argan Oil properties. The black glass avoid the light to penetrate the bottle and destroy the Vitamin E. The push button allows to take the oil without the need to open the bottle each time, like the 'drop systems' in which the oil is regularly in contact with the air and pollution.

100% Pure means that the whole bottle contains only Pure Argan Oil without any other ingredient. It means also that the Argan Oil itself is totally pure.

The benefits of Pure Argan Oil by Ordaya Cosmetics :

- Moisturizing
- Regenerating
- Fights against acne
- Calms and soothes irritations and slight burns
- Repairs chapped lips
- Moisturizes and softens the skin of the heel/around the foot
- Prevents stretch marks during and after a pregnancy or in case of important weight changes
- Protects against wrinkling

- Protects the hairs against the heat of the hairdryers or straighteners
- Penetrates scalp, healing dryness, flaking and itching and regulating sebum production
- Nourishes the hairs and repairs the tips.

- Treats brittle nails


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Argania Spinosa Kernel
30ml / 1oz

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